Textured, calculated, boho-beachy waves looks tough to do but really simple for women with naturally wavy hair. For girls with straight hair, it can be done. I’ll show you how [with the help of Glamour's Girls in the Beauty Dept].Firstly, the easiest: Already there with natural waves.

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How to:Julianne already has naturally wavy hair. She just texturized it with a pomade with a bit of glossing spray. Any pomade in small amounts will do–maybe about a nickel sized amount. Warm the product in your hands to melt it a bit and then using your fingers kind of just “muss up” your hair with it. Stay away from the roots–this will weigh your hair, bringing it down and making it lose volume quickly. Add more texture with a few thin braids. This adds depth and more texture to the hair, also giving it a further boho look. It’s subtle.Second: Slightly straight hair with some bendy waves.

Credit. Glamour.com

How to:Elle’s hair is pretty straight, but has a few kinks and bends in it, which makes creating waves easier. To recreate her bendy waves, use a wide barrel curling iron with the clamp SHUT. There are irons out there without a clamp–those can be used, too, but stay away from iron barrels that taper like taper candles–this creates a more spiral look, which is what you’re not going for. Wind large sections of hair 1-2″ around the closed barrel of an iron for 10 seconds. Shake it loose, then spray a texturizing spray. To get more of a slept-in look like McPherson has here, instead of curling, hold a section of hair away from your head, and then press the iron into it, making a round indentation in the hair. It should look like the bends in McPherson’s hair. Alternate the bends in upper and lower sections to achieve a wavy look. Finish with a glossing and texturizing spray.Lastly, for girls with stick straight hair (LIKE ME). Boho waves.

Credit: Glamour.com

How to:Dree Hemingway is so charming here at the Ferragamo fragrance launch. There is no frizz here…Start with prepped head. The night before, wash your hair. Blow dry until slightly damp. Apply small amount of organic mousse. I use Giovanni Organics Air-Turbo Charged Natural Mousse ($8.50USD, drugstore.com or at Whole Foods). Wind your hair into two buns. One on each side. Twist inward, toward the direction of the back of your head. Make sure both are twisted inward, rather than in the same direction. This will give better consistency with the waves. Secure with an elastic. Sleep on it.Remove the buns in the morning and brush through with a wide toothed brush. Then texturize with an organic homemade salt spray. (Home made is better, because it’s cheaper, and you can use better products without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Recipe below.) Mist the stuff onto your hair evenly, but without wetting your hair. Just an even, light mist. Then scrunch away. If you want to set it, use a the diffuser on your hair dryer and focus the air onto your hair with more scrunching motions.For an extra sexy kick, mist on a light layer of glossing spray. I use Giovanni Shine of the Times gloss spray ($9USD drugstore.com, or $7.50USD, Whole Foods). It helps cut down on frizz and makes your hair shiny. Be wary of using too much, because it can weigh your hair down or make it look greasy.This is the end result on me:Cool, right? Easy.

Salt Spray Recipe
  • In a large mug, warm 8 fl. ounces of filtered water in the microwave for 30-45 seconds–you can use a Brita water, or water from a filtered tap (because I’m green and do not advocate the purchase of bottled water, which pollutes landfills, and uses precious resources and emits tons of carbon into the atmosphere during production, I prefer that you find a way to get distilled or filtered water in any way without buying a bottled water–which isn’t as pure as you’d think, anyway). Make sure it is warm to the touch, but not so hot it’s near boiling and that you can’t stick your finger in it.
  • Mix in 1 teaspoon fine organic sea salt. Do not use regular iodized table salt. I can’t tell you why, but it will give you bad results. You can get purchase sea salt at any grocery store. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s. However, the more finely ground, the faster the grains dissolve when mixing.
  • Mix in 1/2 teaspoon coconut conditioner. Use a more watery formula so it mixes better. Suave makes a wonderfully scented coconut conditioner for $1USD. You can also get the BioSalon version of Suave, which has coconut scent in it as well as other pleasant fragrances. It smells like Biolage, but doesn’t cost as much, about $1.99 for a 16 oz bottle. Ca-ching!
  • Mix in 1/8 teaspoon of cheap brand hair gel. Buy it at the dollar store or in the cheap section of Target. I go with an organic formula and water just use less. If you do organic, it’s better for your scalp.
  • Mix all ingredients thoroughly until dissolved. If it has trouble dissolving into the liquid, heat the mug up for an additional 10 seconds in the microwave.
  • Once mixed completely, using a funnel, or a careful hand, pour the mixture into a small spray bottle (capacity about 10 fl oz).
  • Now you’re done!
    • Note, if the mixture separates, pour it into a microwavable container, like a mug, and then heat it for 10-15 seconds and mix again. Then put it back into the container. Do NOT heat it up in the spray bottle. You can melt it, or it can explode if the pump and spray apparatus contains metal. You may also add 1-3 drops of a scented organic essential oil you can find at any health food store or Whole Foods to add a kick of aroma; this also keeps coarse and dry haired girls more moisturized.I hope that is helpful! Now go get your beachy hair!—

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